With a Congress Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

One thing again made obvious is how inefficient and ineffective is our current system. The CA process is just one example that shows up how Congress is a den of special interests, oligarchs, and dynasties. 

Switching to a parliamentary system abolishes congress and combines the legislative with the executive. It is a faster, more efficient system.
We would not have a VP who has no job but to play politics for the next election. We would not have to suffer through impeachment processes, as sitting leaders can be replaced overnight by their party. We would not have the Senate as a necessary pool of potential president wanna-be’s, and would instead focus on mayors & governors with executive skills. We would have less of a personality and celebrity-driven politics, and issues would matter more.

At the very least we will be paying less salaries and pork to these families who have ruled us forever. We do not need 321 lawmakers who actually do not give us the reforms we need, but just act as gatekeepers and toll collectors.

PRRD we voted you for drastic change and you yourself recognize these things. Please initiate the shift to change the constitution to adopt a parliamentary and federal system.

Kung hindi, nag-aano-han lang tayo. Parati na lang ma-So-Sotto ang bansa.

Charles Englund – May 2017


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