The Problem with Lampooning Mocha

The problem with lampooning Mocha Uson is not only the backlash from her millions of followers. It requires a very fine touch–lampooning skills that are normally beyond the reach of even the best Filipino writers in English. 

In addition, lampooning has to start with self examination. Are you yourself vulnerable to playing a caricature, perhaps a crass cartoon of the simpering, elite effete? This is all the more important when your subject is Mocha, warrior queen of the working class, veritable voice of the masses.

Be ready when Mocha answers back. And she will. Usually, it ends up pretty ugly–her adversaries end up like roadkill or pesky flies swatted with a hefty, rolled up newspaper. Splat.

So many have tried, none have even scratched Mocha’s skin. If anything, they only managed to anger her and push her to be more resolved.
Worse, in their attacks, the attackers are themselves weakened and diminished. Apart from the temporary thrill, their brand is damaged. They are exposed for all to see–for their hang ups, their poor logic, and their latent biases.


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