Let’s Play Gangnam Time!

Question: Why are Leni and Trillanes in Korea?

Top Six Reasons:

1. Observing socialized housing of North Korea which involves settling people in the demilitarized zone (DMZ), over landmines.

2. Both wanted a stress free vacation, away from Manila traffic and crime, free from the prospect that war could break out at any time and nuclear warheads can rain down on your head.

3. Kim Jong Il has hired Leni and Trillanes as special consultants to train North Korean sleeper agents in destabilization operations.

4. Both are fans of Lee Min Ho and want to get selfie and autograph.

5. On advice of Georgina of OVP, both are doing music video with K-Pop group to improve their public approval ratings. 

6. CIA (realizing they have allied themselves with bumbling idiots) told them to wait in Seoul until further notice for big payload…er, payoff.

Charles Englund – April 16


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