That Post-Truth Glass of Water

201208-omag-quiz-half-empty-glass-949x534It amuses me how some people can so easily (and arrogantly) dismiss the possibility of “alternative truth”.
Do we really live in a world of absolute truths? Unquestionable facts?
“The only path to salvation is thru our Lord, Jesus Christ.” That is an example of absolute truth to some people. But ask a Moslem or a Hindu, and they will disagree and have their own truth. An alternative truth.
“Trump and Duterte are the same.” That is truth in the sense that both have had controversial statements regarding women. “Trump and Duterte are different”, however, is also true when one considers that Trump is a conservative, and Duterte is a liberal. Unlike Trump, Duterte has a great track record of fighting for women’s rights, reproductive rights, and the LGBT community.
So how can two diametrically opposed statements be true at the same time? Surely, we have to realize that there are multiple factors and dimensions to consider. To arrogantly say that only your truth is true, is now the ultimate statement of simple-minded entitlement, exactly one of the gripes behind the populist revolts seen round the world.
The next time we are tempted to think we now live in a post-truth world, we should perhaps  remember that proverbial glass of water from time immemorial. Until now, people are still arguing whether it is half-full or half-empty.

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