The Morning of Creative Cropping

02_ppm-protest-11-30-16I respected your right to get together and air your grievances. I liked some of the witty slogans. However, there are a few facts that remain clear. Judging from the aerial photos (not the tight cropped ones that you are passing around), this issue is not enough to galvanize enough people. PNP estimated only 3,000 attended. Even if we generously multiplied that by 10x, it is clear that the Marcos burial, however passionate some individuals (especially the leftists) are on social media, is something that the majority would just rather get over.

All these efforts to pass off the size of the crowd as larger than it was, patting the unwitting millenials on the back, claiming to have unified broad sectors of society, is…overreaching. We can all see it.

Even on social media, all the exhortations were meeting lukewarm response. Someone even wondered aloud whether her FB was working since she was getting less likes on her posts about the issue. The comment that got me scratching my head is when someone tried to double down and say it was not even an anti-Marcos rally at all. Huh? Just teaching the youth to be activist?

You should all look ahead now. If you don’t want a Marcos comeback, come up with a better alternative than BBM. Find a real champion, someone with gravitas, not another non-executive widow. Kung si Hillary nga with all her experience hindi pa nanalo. You have to find a Bernie Sanders. An MVP? An Ayala? Razon, Gokongwei or Sy?


2 thoughts on “The Morning of Creative Cropping

  1. That is a big issue.
    Who to rally for.
    I am using rally as in rally point.

    Sino pa ba?

    If Imelda dies near the eve of pre election campaigning will she boost BBMs chances?

    Elite’s here are taught at an early age that they buy politicians and don’t become one.

    5 years to find a solution to this problem.


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