I am not an apologist. I am defending my political interests. When you stop attacking, I will stop defending. Realize I am not just replying to you as an individual, but “you” as a collective. Walang personalan.

I am not against criticism. I am not trying to curtail your dissent. But if you see people disagreeing with you, sorry that’s normal. It’s the internet, buddy.

I do not claim to be balanced. I am also not into platitudes. If you continually find my opinion hard to take, I apologize. It’s for my own sanity you see. Merun namang unfollow button. I do not claim to be a journalist, and we all know even they can’t find balance. You have your wall, I have mine.

Neither am I a blind follower. Contradictory? No. When I find something I disagree with strongly enough you will see it. But you say, why not criticize what’s wrong? Eh, iba nga tayo ng definition ng “wrong”, eh. Toinks. (And in fact, I have. A lot of other pro-administration people have. But like you, I also have my peeves, and sometimes you just keep on saying the same things over and over and over again and it bugs me. Then you want me to cater to your comfort zone?)

When you run into abusive, out-of-control people, relax. Do not generalize. It cuts both ways. Maybe if you didn’t just insult their politics and called them stupid?

If people go overboard, it may be because they are not as articulate and armed with such a wide English (and German!) vocabulary as you. It can get frustrating, no? Especially when you claim you speak for “the poor”. Uh, let’s first check who the poor supports? Are their values and priorities the same as yours?

And finally. There is no conspiracy to block you from the internet. Check mo baka wala ka lang signal.

Charles Englund

September 2016


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