Mambo Duterte or Huling El Bimbo?

politiko-19Well, Duterte said the LP was after him. And if that supposed hearing on EJKs yesterday (that circus-cum-sitcom-turned-witch hunt) is any indication, then the moves for Duterte’s ouster are patently true.

What’s even more stomach churning is the immediate (as if timed) statement by VP Robredo saying the new “evidence” should be taken seriously. What happened to all the previous statements and calls to support the president? Suddenly, one flimsy witness comes out of the DOJs2014 witness protection program and then it’s “rally around me! to Edsa, to Edsa!” WtF?!

LP, naman. If you haven’t realized it yet, this is the most popular Philippine President in a long long time. This guy is Mambo Duterte. The more political dirt you throw at him, the stronger he becomes. If anything happens to him, there will be class war, if not outright civil war. Visayas and Mindanao will secede. Your driver will go after you with a screwdriver. Your cook will poison your food. You think Duterte is a monster? He’s a pussycat compared to what comes after him if he is ousted or assassinated.

Charles Englund

September 2016


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