Dear Mr. President – A Letter from Em-em (10 years old)

Dear President Aquino,

Thank you for signing Republic Act 10666, the law sponsored by Sen. Vic Sotto that prevents small children from riding motorcycles on highways.  It makes it a little harder for me to ride my father’s motorcycle to school, but that’s ok.  The tv people and your supporters seem to like it. Safety first! It gives me a good feeling that you care about us kids.

Speaking of kids, I wish you would also do something about the monsters that come from distant lands and prey on my classmates. I hope you do something soon because children like me are routinely being sold for sex, sometimes by their poor Filipino relatives, to sex tou
rists, pornographers and pedophiles.  For example, like Mr. Kenneth Stokes, who my lola said the US Government actually caught him here about a year ago in the little town where I live near Cebu City.  I wish our local officials and police would have caught him and stopped him earlier. Anyway, thank you American for that.

I don’t like men like him who like kids.  I see many of them when my family goes to Ayala Center or SM in the city.  They are big and scary and they walk around with a poor Filipino family, and they buy nice things for them.  They laugh but they don’t look happy.  The big scary men look mean and guilty, and the very poor Filipino family just looks desperate. Once my friend said that he went to a very fancy hotel in Cebu called the Raddison Blu.  He ate a lot of cakes and fancy stuff.  Then he swam in the nice swimming pool along with 5 other young boys his age and this big white foreigner. He said the big white man liked to carry them and touch them, and throw them in the water. He gave them money, some more than others.

Kenneth Gaylord Stokes, 71, a U.S. citizen who resided near Cebu, Philippines, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Douglas Harpool to 120 years in federal prison without parole

We are all a bit shy here, especially in the town where I am from.  And what people have to do to get by, especially our poorer neighbors here, well, I don’t think we can judge them.  My teacher, Mrs. Aguilar said we should all mind our own business.  I think our police and airport immigration officials here too just mind their own business . When the white men arrive bragging to each other about how young and pretty their Filipina girlfriends are, everybody just pretends not too hear.  Some of the Filipino police and immigration people even joke with the white men, some of them old and fat, about having a good time tonight. Funny though when my Ate tried to leave from Cebu airport to work in Hong Kong, they would not let her.  Too bad because she is a very good dancer, especially twerking like Miley, and she promised to buy me toys and chocolates there.

We pray for you everyday President Aquino.  Actually, we have no choice because Mrs. Aguilar makes us do it, haha.  She says you have done a lot for the Philippines.  My father says Mrs. Aguilar is stupid, haha.  I love my father.  He works as a welder and sometimes when he drops me off to school in his motorcycle he looks like he is going to cry.  I think he misses my mother who is also in Hong Kong, but she found a boyfriend there.  She still sends me a little money sometimes. I try to be grown up and mind my own business and don’t judge her.

My dear president, you still have a chance to use up the valuable time left in that nice Palace to do some good. Thank you for the motorcycle law.  But also please protect us from the monsters.

God Bless You and God Bless the Philippines,

Em-em (10 years old)


3 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President – A Letter from Em-em (10 years old)

  1. Not minding anybody else’s business is common courtesy. But sometimes, we need to meddle in these kinds of affairs not only to capture criminals, but also to change our culture for the better. We tend to look at people with money with great reverence. Look at Jalosjos for example. Some people still support him despite the conviction.

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