The Phenomenon of Joe America – A Reminder to Read the Label

Joe America got special mention by President Aquino in yesterday’s SONA. Like many people, I follow Joe’s blog and admire that he is able to gather such a large following. Like many people, I do not agree with him on certain points, but Joe’s blog “The Society of Honor” seems to be where the thick of the discussion is, at least among the “centrist” segment of the political sphere. Joe America and Raissa Robles–these bloggers/writers seem to be the 2 tv shows (as it were) that people are watching widely, and even reposting and quoting lines from nowadays. So I tune in like everybody else to feel the pulse of discussion.  They have become “gathering places”, and if you look at the comments sections, it is like a marketplace, many people just letting loose, sometimes on topics that may only be tangentially related to the subject of the post. That is well and good.
11264824_1773447312881927_2514959469783196821_nBut Joe America got special mention by President Aquino in yesterday’s SONA.  Which was very odd. In particular, the wording of the SONA speech, the part that gives special mention to Joe America, directly ties in with the wording of Joe America’s facebook status made just a few hours before the SONA was delivered (see graphic).  It resurrects the question in my mind….who produces this “tv show” that everybody is watching anyway?  Why is Joe America so enamored of the Liberal Party that he actually heaps praises on Mar Roxas?  Most people would agree that you don’t usually find the terms “heaping praises” and “Mar Roxas” in the same sentence.  Grace Poe refuses to sign up with Mar as his VP?  No problem, let’s start the negative campaign on her and basically join the Binay forces in minimizing the Poe factor.
The reference in the SONA feeds the suspicions of crazy conspiracy theorists (like myself and Mark Lopez, who supplies the graphic above) that Joe America may well be, for all we know, an undercover Malacanang spokesperson, a brilliant social media campaign born in a conference room. So is Joe in fact Sonny Coloma, Abi Valte, Edwin Lacierda or Manolo Quezon III?  Perhaps “Joe” even wrote the SONA and could not resist making a reference to his blog. Hey, we are in gratitude mode here, but who is going to thank the ghost writer if he doesn’t slip it in himself?  Imagine the loneliness of the accomplished writer, the writer with the following, who cannot even reveal his own name.  Some egos cannot bear that.
Does it matter who Joe American really is? In a way, no because that is part of the fun.  The people who like what he says get their dose of propaganda.  We are free to speculate who he or she is, whether he/she is even in fact American or Filipino.  Is he actually a CIA agent?  You can never tell, heck, I can be a CIA agent, or perhaps British Intelligence, because of my surname.  Maybe this is all a plot by the USA and the UK to influence the politics in the Philippines and bring about their desired political outcome, eh?  More Fun in the Philippines!
Does it matter who Joe America really is?  Yes. Precisely because a lot of people follow and read him, and not all of them have the power of discernment or critical thinking to properly evaluate his writings. Sometimes the tv shows we watch just have a way of inserting that idea into our heads subliminally.  It matters that we keep in mind who Joe America possibly is, in the same way that we should read the label of ingredients in that packet of snacks we like so much.  It matters that we know where something was made.  For example, if your baby formula was made in China, it may actually kill your infant.
So more power to Joe America!  Let us watch, and observe, and speculate, agree and criticize.  Joe has even inspired me to start my own blog recently, precisely to try and prevent myself from becoming the boring troll on those items where we don’t agree. What fun!  He has also inspired and reminded me to be on my guard and exercise whatever faculties of critical thought I possess.  I am also now looking more closely at the label of listed ingredients of my favorite vegetarian chicharon.

23 thoughts on “The Phenomenon of Joe America – A Reminder to Read the Label

  1. I actually think bloggers reveal more about who they are than ordinary people do, to friends, because, in a way, we put our ideas and personalities on the line. The mind, the heart, the soul. It is important to understand the context of the President’s mention of this Joe America character. It was to thank those people around the world who support his transformation agenda. As for speculations, you are free to concoct whatever reality you choose to live in. The world is full of mystery and sleight of hand, and if you add to it, I suppose there is nothing lost.

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    • Joe, as mentioned, I am a fan. Mystery and sleight of hand are great traits and abilities for politicians and bloggers. You have accomplished much. I just hope people appreciate you and not forget to use their brains.


  2. Joe America is a veteran of the Vietnam War, so Raissa Robles stated, and is from Biliran. At the height of typhoon Haiyan, almost all CPM’ers (people who visit the Cyber Plaza Miranda of Raissa Robles) were all wondering what happened to him because he has not been heard from in days – and he lives in Biliran. He went through the typhoon Haiyan blackouts, etc. and we all heaved a sigh of relief when he finally showed up at CPM after Haiyan.

    So definitely, he is not a Malacanang undercover agent.

    If you go over all his articles at The Society of Honor, you would see that he is a passionate American retiree living his American dream life in the Philippines. If you can only read how he was bashed at Cyber Plaza Miranda by other commenters and he just kept his cool, then you would know that he is no CIA or Malacanang mole nor anything of that sort. ..


    • Hi Chit, funny I live in the town next to Biliran with my Filipina girlfriend and I think I would have heard of, seen, or met another white man living in the next town. Precisely the point of this post is that anything can be “manufactured” on the internet. We just have to be read carefully and question all the time.


      • Hi Micha, yes but I have many houses (and partners)?. Seriously, what I am saying is anybody can claim anything on the internet. We can concoct anonymous fantasies with complete freedom. For example, if I tell you I’m actually a retired Filipino senior government official, or maybe a well known woman newspaper journalist who keeps a blog as a hobby, which story would you believe? Anonymity gives Joe and me freedom from accountability. This is freedom of speech, just as you are free to believe what you read or not. Just be aware of our individual biases and consider the sources that form your opinion.


      • charles, JoeAm is not anon. He has revealed his real name some time ago when he was engaged in a blog chat with Ireneo Salazar.


  3. Hey, i am a Biliranon. There are so many foriegners in the island and i am always wondering/guessing who joe am & now, charlesenglund are….

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    • Yes, give me your name and after verifying it from the census bureau of your New England birthplace, it can be confirmed that such a person exist, had a career in the intelligence service, is now retired, and is living the good life in Palawan with his Pinay girlfriend and is maintaining this blogsite called notesfrommyphilippineisland.


    • You had it from one of your bio post in the original layout of your site – the one with the awesome picture of a shangri-la island with docking harbor.

      C’mon charles. Even your handle name is giving it away. Charles from New England is charlesenglund?


    • Ok, I get it charles. Agents are trained to stay incognito as much as possible. Stay in the shadows. Eavesdrop very carefully. Study the local scene very thoroughly.

      (Sorry, those are just tales I’ve learned from watching movies. I know next to nothing about the methods of the firm.)



  4. *******
    As an insider to the Society, I have the goods on Joe. Whoeee! You wouldn’t believe who (s)he is and from what planet and solar system (s)he originated.

    (S)he says (s)he is from German stock. Pshaw! I tell you (s)he is a royal prince(ess) from the planet M’dabi in the Mintaka solar system of the Orion belt.

    Have you noticed his Americanisms? Hah! The Mintakans have developed the technology to eavesdrop on other planets. On earth, their tele-eavesdropper could only focus on a certain area near the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri. This explains Joe’s predilection for such words as “foxhole” and “Gadzooks!”; and for his folksy writing style that is inspired by Mark Twain. There was a University of Missouri study that debunked the saying that “there are no atheists in foxholes.”

    What I could tell you about JoeAm could fill a thick book. But apart from his origins and some of his inclinations, my lips are sealed. After all, they do call it “The Society of Honor.”


    • HAha Edgar. for all we know you are Joe Am. Some say the society is a collective of writers and you all take turns writing the posts. But no, dont tell me. Spoilers. To an American ‘s eyes it’s easy to spot a Filipino pretending to write like an American. Little ” tells” in the grammar and word usage. 😄

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  5. A group of paid liberal party hacks is my guess. Recently posted a comment on the JoeAm site after the election article “I choose to believe in Mar Roxas”

    fyi says:
    May 14, 2016 at 8:57 am

    Going to have to latch onto another loser Joe since Roxas was rejected like a boss. Thankfully the nation does not have to endure another 6 years of liberal party scandals. Maybe you can get back on the cheerleading squad if Roxas runs again in 2022.

    Joe America says:
    May 14, 2016 at 9:52 am

    Hey, get lost with your gloating strut. Joe is here and you should read his latest blog and get a life. You are now banned here, and will only have voice if you contribute something that builds the nation rather than divides.

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    • To his credit, Joe did a “concession post” of sorts when it was clear who the winner was. Unfortunately, Joe and people like him believe they have the monopoly on truth. Because of their clearly partisan view, they in turn elicit violent objections from others who see through it. Democracy and nation-building goes hand in hand with vigilance and activism. Everyone has a right to disagree, hopefully within the bounds of civility and constructive discourse.

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      • I visit Get Real Philippines once in a while, the part that stood out in the JoeAm response was
        “Joe is here and you should read his latest blog”

        Apparently multiple people maintain the JoeAm site and respond to posts with the JoeAm avatar.

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      • Yes, the disciples form the so-called Society of Honor. Useful since Joe is “American” so technically should not be engaged in campaigning for Philippine elections. Another member of the society does a doppelgänger. Of course, Joe is by far the sharpest tool in that shed.

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