Keeping it Real

Years ago (before the novelty died down and it got boring), I used to watch a TV show called American Idol.  You did too?  Good.  Remember when one of the judges would make a frank, honest assessment of a performance, oftentimes negative, that would disagree with the sentiment of the audience?  He would get booed and in defense, Randy-I think his name was – (dawg) would say, “Hey people, just keeping it real.”

That’s what I want to do here.  Keep things real.

Let me tell you a personal anecdote, a bit of ancient history.  When I was in a very expensive private high school in New England, I used to always get into trouble and get horrid grades.  My father used to threaten that he would stop paying the exorbitant tuition and pull me out unless I shaped up.  I didn’t.  And one day he pulled me out.  I was shocked and hurt, but it proved to be a wake up call.  To make a long story short; after that, I worked my butt off and made it to a good (some say the best) college in the US.

There is a lot of garbage out there–in the news, in social media.  Mainly it’s because people aren’t used to thinking critically anymore.  Usually, the people who write and get a following in the Philippines e.g. journalists and pop bloggers are just too young to offer a well-rounded and intelligent view.  Of late there has also been a lot of rah rah nationalism.  Now I have nothing against love of country.  But nationalism, the blind kind, has the danger of leading into facism.

I do believe in talking about the bad things.  As mentioned, my own world view believes in the honest, naked truth with little or no sugar coating.  Only with a full realization of how bad things are do we get to move on to the next step which is figuring out what to do.


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