First post – why am I doing this?

I have lived in Asia for over 30 years.  Some 5 years ago, I was shown this island in Palawan by a Filipino friend while we were sailing on his boat.  I fell in love with it immediately and when I found out it was for sale, immediately jumped at the opportunity.  It has been a lot of hard work, bringing in generators, water tanks, building a pier and various buildings, etc. to make the island habitable, but now the work is done.  While still maintaining a condominium in Makati, I have decided to follow the plan and settle here permanently and spend most of my time here now. It is glorious and wonderful to be doing this at this stage of my life.

The staff we have brought in: a cook, a kitchen/utilities girl, and two handymen, has made life easier than I expected, and by Western standards, I feel pampered.  I realize I am living in my own exclusive private island beach resort.

We are eating fresh seafood and rice on most days and when I feel a yearning for meat, our cook just gets a steak from one of the two large freezers we have in the kitchen.  She is a great cook and I am teaching her how to prepare some Western dishes.

There is still ongoing work, mainly finishing the servants’ quarters.  I am also in constant search of ways to improve the internet reception, which understandably can be frustrating in this part of the world.

My years in the Philippines have taught me that if you want to start a conversation all you need to do is talk politics in this country.  I can give you the usual mumbo-jumbo about how an outsider or foreigner often has a fresh perspective on the domestic situation, but the truth is with my background as an analyst, and many years observing the region, I do think I am qualified to give some unique comment.  I hope you will agree.

P.S.  I also happen to own a famous bridge back in the States.  If anyone is interested, please PM me.


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